Ecology. The first tree in the “forest” of Seyhan Law Office

Todayvwas planted the first tree, in our law office, in honor of the birthday of the Attorney Bulent Seyhan. The founding partner of Seyhan Law Office. We hope that this was the first small step to the tradition of planting trees on the occasion of birthdays and other important events and dates in the lives of partners and employees of our office. The goal is also to plant a whole forest over time.



Everyone needs to try to do something to solve ecological problem as far as their strengths and capabilities are because the environmental situation on planet earth is rapidly deteriorating, and .

Seyhan Law Office also conducts other environmental care activities. Garbage sorting, recycle of plastic bottles and caps, support for charity projects.

The ecology of the native country and the native planet should be the concern of every reasonable member of society.